Vitherm Plate Heat Exchangers are world renowned as robust and reliable units which are used by thousands of customers globally.

Vitherm Plate Heat Exchangers consist of a pack of corrugated metal plates with various configurations of holes which allow two fluids to pass between the plates and allow heat transfer to take place. A plate pack is securely positioned between a fixed and movable frame plate and compressed by tightening bolts on either side of the frame. Gaskets ensure that the plates are sealed tightly together, and both the gasket and plate material are chosen based on each and every requirement.

The number of plates is determined by the flow rate, physical properties of the fluids, pressure drop and temperature of the application. The corrugations on the plates are also determined by the particular application, promote fluid turbulence and reinforce the plates against differential pressure between the fluid mediums.

Vitherm Plate Heat Exchangers can be manufactured in variety of steel types, with a variety of port and connection configurations.

• Temperature: -20 ºC/ +180 ºC
• Pressure: FV / 25 Barg.Features
• High heat transfer efficiency
• Compact design
• Low maintenance cost
• Single stroke plate pressing
• Glued or V-clip gasket
• Wide range of choicesTypical Applications
• Vegetable Oil
• Chemical & Petrochemical
• Mining and Metal Process
• Oil & Gas
• Food & Beverage
• Marine
• Power Generation
• Pulp & Paper
• Pharmaceutical

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