Heating Blankets

Vitherm Heating Blankets

The heater is a flexible,thin and flat heating element that could be used in place of metallic heaters. It consists of two sheets. Each sheet consist of two (upper and lower) glass clothes which are calendered with silicone rubber. It has high thermal response, since it is a thin sheet type. (Standard thickness 1.5mm) It will be perfectly fitted to heated to heated objects with curved surfaces or cylindrical shape,since it has high flexibility. Generally, the main component of flat heating element is carbon. However the heater uses patterned nickel alloy resistance wires which can be more safely used.

The heater can be made into your ideal shape. Different from general carbon type heaters, the design can be made to fit to the shape of heated object. For example, in a round or triangle with(without) holes. Our patented method makes us possible to deliver even one heater in a short term.

The heater could be designed with your creative sense of heat for the development of new products. The heater have been used as parts for equipment and facilities in various industries. The thin and flexible sheet type heater is ideal for lightening and miniaturizing. The thermal controller is necessary for the heater, since its temperature rising is fast but has no self thermal controller.

The heater standard type, E type, MG type can be continuously and semipermanently used at 200°C. It can be adhered easily to a heated object 100°C or below Double side adhesive tapes 1000°C-150°C Silicone adhesive(RTV) Integrated backing processing at our factory is recommended for continuous use at 150°C or over.

The heater H type can be semioermanently used at 300°C. It can be adhered easily to a heated object.

3D Printer Heater Pad

3D printer is widely used all over the world. When it works, it needs to keep printing material in high temperature. The best way is to install silicone heating pad to get high temperature. Normal the size of heating pads are customized by different machine size. They will keep max temperature around 150°C. The pad can have 3M adhesive in the back to easy installation. Normal it can add heat protector, temperature sensor and temperature controller according to customers’ requirements.

Medical Device Heater

The line of silicone etch foil flexible heaters offer up to twice the wattage of traditional wire wound heaters and feature complex heat distribution, excellent circuit repeatability, and the elimination of edge loss due to compensation using distributed wattage. They are ideal for various medical device applications like dialysis, CPAP, blood or fluid warming, and sterilization. Also they are widely used on medical experiment. People use it to heat beaker, syringe. They are more easier to operate and can get high temperature within short time.

Engine Pan Oil Heater

Engine oil heaters offer an effective solution to preheating the oil in your engine prior to initially start up. The low profile heater pads are designed using aerospace technology and attach to the sump pan or dry sump pan via the ‘peel and stick’ highly adhesive backing. Heat up time is 45 -90 minutes depending on ambient temperature and heaters are capable of raising the oil to near full operating temperature.

Silicone Rubber Heating Strip

Silicone rubber heating strip is a particularly soft heating strip. It consists of nickel-chromiun alloy wire and insulating material. It has advantage of high power density, fast heating speed, high thermal efficiency and long life. In addition to heating for general constant power zones.
It can be also used where needs to be heated. Silicone rubber heating strip has good waterproof. It can be used for wet, non-explosive gas places. It can be wound on the heated parts directly. It is easy to install, safe and reliable. It can be applied in cold areas, the main function of pipes and solar energy is for the hot water pipe insulation, snowing melting and so on.

Features: (1) Flexible and can directly be wound on the heating device. (2) It can be bent and wounded arbitrarily on the heating object. It takes small space and be installed simple. The tin copper braids can prevent mechanical damage when the heating elements is covered by silicone insulator.

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